How and why to quarantine birds

for new stock, stressed current birds and returning show birds
Itís worth having a quarantine area for new stock whether for parrotfinches or other birds.

Even established breeders can need to quarantine ill or stressed, existing stock.   In some cases the birds can be very difficult to either source or costly to replace.

A quiet area away from the noise of the main collection reduces stress in both existing and new stock and allows the new to adjust to a move.
The seller can be blamed when a new bird dies, but the fault can lie with the new keeperís husbandry and system of introduction.

Naturally, when buying, obtain fit stock and be wary of breeders that appear to be over breeding from their birds.

A quarantine area need not be fancy.   Any small space separated from the main bird room can be used.

My new birds are caged in one of the vacant cages with woodchip (8mm) on the cage floor.

There is a bath and the diet is basic, ie a suitable seed mix, grit and filtered water.   I don't, but many do, add multi vitamins to the water, or a probiotic, as part of their standard regime

Temperature is usually about 150C (600F), but can be higher initially to match the previous quarters .
Don't assume a bird hunched up or with head under wing, is ill and start pumping in drugs.

Itís likely to be a little bit stressed rather than ill.

Adding sugar, glucose or even a probiotic at this point is all that is probably required

Showing - if you show birds, it is important to quarantine them on their return.