Breeding Blue-faced Parrotfinches

(aka Blue faced Parrot finches)

Erythrura trichroa

The willing and easy to breed Blue-faced Parrot Finch.

Nests - Mine nest in half-fronted 5 in. cube nest boxes.

I formed a nest of coconut fibre. The birds don't bother to restructure my nests to any great extent.   They are not fussy.

The number of eggs seems varies considerably. Seven is my maximum.   All were fertile and six chicks fledged but....
Light sitters - These birds are amongst the lightest of sitters that I have experienced.   Just approaching the aviary is enough for the birds to come off.

For this reason, sometimes you are unaware that a pair is nesting.

Care needs to be taken that a pair is not disturbed excessively such that eggs or chicks chill.