Feeding Pin-tailed Parrotfinches

Erythrura prasina

A very easy bird to feed as no need for livefood but...
Extremely difficult to get to try new foods.
Pin-tails, with their soft beaks, are clearly desinged to eat large and fairly soft seeds.   Green, soft rice for example.

Wild-caught Pin-tails wouldn't eat livefood (even with chicks) nor much green food.    However, domestic reared birds have become accustomed to eat livefood and clearly benefit from it.

Give watercress once or twice a week.

Always available ad lib
Dry Seed Mix - the Graham Lee/ Dutch mix.
8Kg - White Millet
7Kg - Plain Canary
3Kg - Plate Millet
3Kg - Japanese Millet
1Kg - Crushed Oats (Pinhead)
1Kg - Grass Seed or Bushwacker
Needed - grit at all times plus crushed cuttlefish bone mixed with dry vitamins.   The vitamins give laying hens have maximum supplementation.

Mix will be ignored most of the time but suddenly will be consumed - a sure sign of laying.

Soaked seed - Graham's seed mix (and equal parts of paddy rice?). 2 or 3 tablespoons seems enough for 8 to 10 birds.

Vitamins - added to the soaked seed.
Other breeders don't use Paddy Rice.   A successful Dutch breeder hates it.   I use EXCEPT when chicks are less than 12 days old.   At that age is invariably lethal if parents feed to such young chicks.

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