Pin-tailed Nest Sites

Erythrura prasina

Nest sites we and the Pin-tailed chose

Nest sites

Siting - boxes have always been sited with the entrance facing inside away from my gaze. However, all free-built nests have had their entrance facing outwards!

Nest building was attempted in a bird bath which had fallen to the floor during one particularly intense breeding frenzy.   Once a nest was built in the lower portions of a small pot plant ('5').

Shelves - nests have been built between shelves formed by the bottom of the upper cage and the top of the one below.
Entrance height of only 6cms, internal height only 7 cms and reduced further by conifer branches on floor of the ledge ('3' & '6').

Inspection - never look in a nest if building has started or egg laying may have commenced.

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