Housing Pin-tailed Parrotfinches

Erythrura prasina

A debating point.   Many successful Dutch breeders cage breed (as does Graham).

Personally, I love colony.   It's natural for these birds and it works so well.
Colony or cage? - why isolate a bird which breeds in small colonies in the wild?

Why isolate birds which nest happily within a foot of each other?
The Egg Factory

Cock chasing cock is part of the build-up to mating.   No apparently harassed cock has ever suffered injury, water or food deprivation in my experience.

Why miss out on this undoubted colony 'hormone' effect?

A cock is dominant until laying commences.   Then he settles down completely and another takes over the dominant, singing, chasing role.

When one starts breeding you can almost guarantee that all your pairs will have eggs or chicks within weeks.

On entering your aviary most times you won't even see a Pin-tailed.   They will have retreated.

If you can see one once you have entered your aviary either your set up is wrong or the exposed bird is ill.

So, if they hide when you go in, how to tell whether any are ill?

Simply place a bar/ perch that is too close to the wall (< 1cm) but immediately under a lamp.
staging with food

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