Weaning Pin-tailed Parrotfinch Chicks

Erythrura prasina

There are some tricks to help wean successfully and avoiding hand feeding or supplementation
they can confuse the fosters by altering their call as they fledge
A day or two before one or more Pin-tailed Parrot Finch chicks fledge, put several layers of paper in tray.

Remove the perch furthest from the nest.

The trays should fit within the cage rather than extending out the front but, in such a way that the chick's legs can't get trapped or broken.

Now, raise the tray to about level with the bottom of the nest.   This keeps the chicks in close proximty to the fosters.

And, they can easily get back into the nest.

If feeding is going well then the second perch is replaced after a day or two.

If all is well, all fledglings flying from perch to perch and being fed, the tray/floor is lowered to a mid-point, then lowered right down the next day.

The speed of this process depends upon judgement as to how well the chicks are doing, flying and being fed.

Keep it clean - during this process, the top sheet of newspaper is removed daily.

Ensures old soft food or droppings are not pecked at by the fledglings as they begin to explore.

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