When fostering, food for Pin-tailed Parrotfinch chicks

Erythrura prasina

Correct foster food is important for robust chicks
which will be fed the first tricky days of fledging
Pin-tailed Parrotfinch chicks do not need live food, although some will do no harm.

Grit and crushed cuttlefish/ vitamin mix are available at all times.
Five nearly 'to the perch'

Soaked Seed - I soak Graham Lee's/ Dutch seed mix in Aviclens™for 12 hours, drain & leave for 12 hours, disinfect, drain and feed.
8Kg - White Millet
7Kg - Plain Canary
3Kg - Plate Millet
3Kg - Japanese Millet
1Kg - Crushed Oats (Pinhead)
1Kg - Grass Seed or Bushwacker
Depending on chick numbers and age, 2 or 3 dishes, each with 2 heaped tablespoons of soaked seed are available daily per cage.

Water - add vitamins, probiotics (BioPlus™),(calcium (Calcivet™) and whatever else you desire.

After the first week probiotics might only be given every alternate day.
Eggfood - (another Graham Lee/ Dutch mix)
500 gms - Cede Tropical™
500 gms - Cede Normal™
150 gms - Proboost™
100 gms - Wheatgerm
60 gms - Vitamins
10 gms - Pro-bird Herbmix™
5 gms - Spirulina

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