Colony breeding - 'The Egg Factory'

Erythrura prasina

Structure which works well for colony breeding

'The Egg Factory'

Heat & Humidity - entire aviary is double glazed.   Minimum temperature 23°C/ 70°F by a fan heater, (need for heat confirmed by many other breeders). 

Temperatures during the summer have reached 32°C/ 90°F without adults showing the slightest discomfort, perhaps even the reverse.
The double-glazing may also serve to contain and hence enhance cock-bird song.   Could this add to the breeding stimulus of a natural colony bird?

Relative humidity is 50 - 60% depending upon frequency of watering of two pot plants.   Much success with high humidity has been reported by others, which fits their natural environment.

Two diagrams - '3D' & a 'Bird's eye view', with measurements, are at Diagrams of Egg Factory.